Photo by Joanne Savio.

“With his relatively minimal means, Mr. Ashley sets out to explore huge and loss, memory and dream and conjecture, public authority and private experience, materialism and spirituality. [Mr. Ashley’s operas] remind listeners that the mind offers a far more expansive stage than any theater.” — The New York Times (Jon Pareles)


March 24, 2017. Matmos will perform their 3-episode version of Perfect Lives at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.



Quicksand was on New York Times writer Zachary Woolfe's list of Best Classical Music of 2016.

"There is no singing, per se, in this work, the final experiment in opera created by the composer Robert Ashley before his death in 2014 and staged with surreal elegance at the Kitchen in January by the choreographer Steve Paxton. But in Ashley’s recorded narration of an enigmatic spy story — his voice mellow, weary and wry — he, as ever, directs us to the musical nature of speech: smooth and staccato rhythms, pitches quietly rising and falling, unexpected pockets of feeling. [Read the review]

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